Burke and Ashe counties support strengthening victims’ rights

Western North Carolina Counties, Burke, and Ashe, recently voted in favor of strengthening victims’ rights in the state constitution.

These two counties join the growing number of North Carolina communities – more than 35 to-date – that have passed proclamations supporting Marsy’s Law for North Carolina.  Marsy’s Law is legislation, known as House Bill 551, that will give an equal level of rights in the state constitution to victims of crime that are already given to the accused and convicted. Rights that include notification of custody status of the accused or even being included and heard during court proceedings like plea deals or sentencing proceedings.

The bill has overwhelmingly passed the North Carolina state House and could be considered in the state’s Senate as early as Spring 2018.  Once it passes both chambers of the legislature it will then be sent to voters to consider as early as the 2018 election cycle.

It’s common sense that a victim of crime be given at least the same rights as their attacker – and Marsy’s Law would make that guaranteed by state law.

For a list of Marsy’s Law NC current endorsements, visit: http://nc.marsyslaw.us/endorsements