Local Communities Rise in Support of Crime Victims’ Rights


Momentum in support of victims’ rights continues to build in our state, as four additional North Carolina communities—Kinston, New Bern, Nags Head, and Middlesex all passed resolutions to support Marsy’s Law last month. 

With the General Assembly currently convened for the 2018 short session, Marsy’s Law is up for consideration by the state Senate - after passing the House during last year’s session. Now, it is more important than ever for North Carolinians to reach out to their elected officials, particularly in the Senate, to urge them to action in support for crime victims in our state. North Carolina voters have real power to stand up for our fellow friends and neighbors who have suffered as a result of the crime inflicted on them.

If Marsy’s Law passes both chambers, it will be sent to voters to decide if they agree to strengthen rights for victims of crime in the state’s constitution - guaranteeing that victims get equal constitutional-level rights that the accused and convicted already have. 

So far, 48 local communities - towns and counties - have voted on resolutions in support of stronger constitutional victims’ rights in North Carolina. Strengthening their rights is an opportunity for the state’s voters to give victims back some peace of mind and, hopefully, provide even a bit of closure so that they can again enjoy life - and all that comes with it.

Marsy’s Law legislation will help those in our society who have been victimized by giving them guaranteed rights like notification of custody of the accused and the right to speak and be heard during court proceedings. These rights are not currently guaranteed in the constitution but are needed to keep victims and their families safe and give them the dignity and respect they deserve. 

Please visit the updated Marsy’s Law website, https://www.marsyslawfornc.com/ for more information regarding this initiative and opportunities to contribute to this important effort for crime victims’ rights.