MLNC Reaches Voters with Social Media Outreach and Updated Website


As election season builds in North Carolina, the campaign supporting the victims’ rights amendment, Marsy’s Law for NC, continues to work to educate voters through its digital and social media campaigns. The website and social media accounts will continue to serve as a key tool in the campaign - to help give voters facts about this important amendment, what it does for victims in North Carolina and explain the need for stronger rights for victims in the state Constitution.

The website includes recent news releases, interviews, op-ed articles and current blogs - also shared on Twitter and Facebook. The site also shares first-hand video stories from North Carolina victims and advocates, who have bravely shared their own personal stories about being crime victims - and how gaps in current North Carolina laws impacted their stories and how, unfortunately, they were not always kept informed.

The social media campaign follows the team on its active Instagram account with pictures from festival and parade seasons - hitting every corner of North Carolina with in-person interaction with voters. On Facebook, there were over 1 million impressions several weeks during August - and more than 22,000 “likes” on the page. It’s a fun way to share the hands-on aspect of an active campaign season - while also sharing important information about what this law will mean to strengthen important rights for victims and their families.   

The team will continue to engage online and in-person through November - helping voters learn more about the issue and encouraging important “YES” votes on November 6.  

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