New Ad Released for North Carolina Victims' Rights Amendment



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August 20, 2018

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Raleigh, NC - The first statewide ad for the bipartisan victims’ rights amendment was released today. The radio ad focuses on a discussion about the important need to strengthen and guarantee rights for victims of crime in the North Carolina Constitution.  

The ad was released to radio stations statewide and will also be used in social media outreach on Facebook and Twitter to help educate voters about the victims’ rights amendment.

The victims’ rights amendment, known as Marsy’s Law, will guarantee that victims of crime in North Carolina are informed about their rights and the services available to them, that they get notification of court proceedings and updates on developments in their criminal cases. It will allow victims of crime to be present and heard at court proceedings if they choose, and it will inform victims and their families about custody changes of the accused, including release or escape from prison.

“We are working to arm voters with the facts about the victims’ rights amendment they will be voting on in November - how it is different from the other amendments and why North Carolina victims of crime deserve equal and guaranteed rights in the state Constitution,” said Chris Sinclair, campaign director for Marsy’s Law in North Carolina. “Our team is sharing this information through traditional media, social media, and directly to voters across the state - educating them about the important need for stronger rights in the Constitution.”

The law was debated and vetted with stakeholders for more than a year when it passed the General Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan votes - more than 150 yes votes from Democrats and Republicans - in June 2018.

There are already 35 states that have some form of victims’ rights in their constitution, including California, Illinois, North and South Dakota, and Ohio, which all passed Marsy’s Law in recent years. It is on the 2018 ballot in other states including Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

The ad can be viewed at: