New Marsy's Law For North Carolina Website


The Marsy’s Law for North Carolina campaign continues to build a following statewide - including with its active social and digital media networks. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, the MLNC team has covered the state with images of elected officials, law enforcement, and voters supporting the need to strengthen victims’ rights in the state constitution to give victims of crime equal rights that the accused and convicted already have.

Last month, the team updated its website: The new site includes current images and activities from the campaign. It also features stories from NC victims of crime - sharing their perspectives on why stronger rights are needed. These brave victims and their families are speaking out publicly explaining why they deserve a guarantee in the state constitution to be notified when their assailant is let out of jail, or a guarantee by law that they have the right to be heard by a judge during a sentencing or plea deal.

The MLNC website will continue to provide information regarding this initiative and serve as a resource for elected officials and voters to learn about and participate in this important campaign.

Please visit to learn more.