New TV Ad Highlights Victim Perspective - Showing Need for Crime Victims' Rights Amendment


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October 12, 2018


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Raleigh, NC - The victims’ rights amendment campaign, known as Marsy’s Law for NC, released a new TV ad featuring a North Carolina victim sharing his account of a random and violent assault he suffered while at work.  The ad highlights the victim’s experience after the crime occured, saying that he was not kept informed about his case and bravely sharing that he is still worried his attacker will be released from custody without him knowing.   

This ad is the latest in a series of ads by the victims’ rights campaign aimed at educating voters about the importance of guaranteed victims’ rights in the state constitution.  The victims’ rights amendment will guarantee that victims of crime like the victim featured in the ad are informed about their rights and the services available to them.  It will also guarantee that they get notification of court proceedings, and updates on developments in their criminal cases. It will allow victims to be present and heard at court proceedings if they choose, and it will inform victims and their families about custody changes of the accused.

“This new ad features a victim who has bravely shared his personal story, which caused him tremendous suffering - and still lasts today,” said Chris Sinclair, campaign director for Marsy’s Law in North Carolina. “The stories featured in our ad campaign include real stories from North Carolinians who suffer long after a crime occurs and deserve to be informed about the court process and notified when their attackers are released.  Anyone who believes that these guaranteed constitutional rights are unnecessary should find time to speak directly with someone who has suffered as a victim.”

The law was debated and vetted with stakeholders for more than a year when it passed the General Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan votes - more than 150 yes votes from Democrats and Republicans - in June 2018.  It will be on North Carolina’s November 6th ballot.

There are already 35 states that have some form of victims’ rights in their constitution, including California, Illinois, North and South Dakota, and Ohio, which all passed Marsy’s Law in recent years. It is on the 2018 ballot in other states including Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

“Crime victims deserve more and we will continue to push this campaign to make sure that voters know the facts in the weeks ahead of the November 6 election,” said Sinclair.

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