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North Carolina Conference of DAs partners with Marsy’s Law for All to develop law enforcement training tool

Prosecutors and victims’ rights advocates work together to implement constitutional amendment


RALEIGH, N.C. – One hundred North Carolina sheriffs and 365 chiefs of police now have a new training tool in their belts thanks to efforts by the N.C. Conference of District Attorneys in partnership with Marsy’s Law for All.

One Step Further for Victims’ Rights Bill, NC House Votes Yes

RALEIGH, NC. (August 27, 2019) – Legislation to implement Marsy’s Law, the constitutional amendment to strengthen victims’ rights approved by voters last year, has passed through the N.C. House and is one step closer to becoming law. Lawmakers, advocates, and criminal justice professionals have worked relentlessly to ensure victims receive the rights they so strongly deserve and to ensure that the bill gives guidance to the agencies tasked with enforcing Marsy’s Law. The decision now lies with the Senate on whether to pass the bill before the constitutional amendment goes into effect on August 31.

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North Carolina's Dedication to Crime Victims' Rights Continues

This week, the nation will recognize National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW) April 7-13, but North Carolina's voters made their support for crime victims clear last November by voting for the Marsy's Law victims' rights amendment. More than 60 percent of statewide voters agreed that North Carolina's victims of crime deserve stronger constitutional rights. 

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North Carolina Voters Approve Stronger Constitutional Rights for Crime Victims


November 6, 2018 


Contact:     Brad Crone     919-809-3311

Anna Roberts    919-208-4050

Chris Sinclair    919-931-4652


North Carolina Voters Approve Stronger Constitutional Rights for Crime Victims 

Bipartisan Victims’ Rights Amendment Passed by 62 %


Raleigh, NC – North Carolina voters approved stronger constitutional rights for victims of crime on election day with a 62% in favor of the crime victims’ rights amendment.  The amendment, known as Marsy’s Law, drew bipartisan support across the state on November 6th.  


Marsy’s Law Partners with Lyft to Provide Free Rides Home on Election Night


November 2, 2018


Justin Rice 704-292-8082


Marsy’s Law Partners with Lyft to Provide Free Rides Home on Election Night


Raleigh – Marsy’s Law for North Carolina has partnered with Lyft to provide safe, and free, rides home to election party-goers next Tuesday evening, November 6.


North Carolina Victims’ Rights Amendment Fact Guide for Voters

With only a few short weeks left, the political season is reaching a fever pitch. Partisan rhetoric is as strong as ever and in North Carolina, six amendments on the November ballot this year have taken the place - and the attention - of this year’s campaign season as a statewide issue.  

Unfortunately, much of the political rancor has included misinformation about one of the amendments North Carolina voters will be considering on November 6 - strengthening victims’ rights in the state constitution.  The campaign for victims’ rights, known as Marsy’s Law for NC, will continue to share the facts about this important amendment so that North Carolina’s voters have accurate information to vote and are able to distinguish between fact and fiction.  


New TV Ad Highlights Victim Perspective - Showing Need for Crime Victims' Rights Amendment


For Immediate Broadcast & Distribution

October 12, 2018


For additional information contact:

Brad Crone (919) 809-3311

Anna Roberts (919) 208-4050

Chris Sinclair (919) 931-4652





Raleigh, NC - The victims’ rights amendment campaign, known as Marsy’s Law for NC, released a new TV ad featuring a North Carolina victim sharing his account of a random and violent assault he suffered while at work.  The ad highlights the victim’s experience after the crime occured, saying that he was not kept informed about his case and bravely sharing that he is still worried his attacker will be released from custody without him knowing.   

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Victims deserve to be informed about their case. And to be heard.

As this year’s campaign season reaches its final weeks, there’s a lot of attention in North Carolina to the six constitutional amendments voters will consider on November 6. Unfortunately, not all of the information being presented to voters is accurate.

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Marsy’s Law Will Give NC Crime Victims a Voice

Most people, fortunately, have little to no idea what it means to be victimized in North Carolina. Most don’t know what it means to suffer as a result of a violent and terrifying crime. But for crime victims who suffer well beyond the crime itself, the experience is all too real and horrific.

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Marsy’s Law for NC Releases Series of ads to Help Educate Voters

As campaign season builds during the month of October, the Marsy’s Law for NC campaign has released a series of ads statewide to help educate voters about the important need to guarantee victims’ rights in the state constitution. The ads will continue to run on digital outlets, and television and radio stations throughout the month leading up to the November 6 vote.