North Carolina Counties and Towns Continue to Pass Resolutions in Support of Stronger Victims’ Rights


To-date, 42 local communities have passed resolutions in support of legislation in the General Assembly that will strengthen victims' rights in North Carolina. In April, two more counties - Stokes and Lee; and two more towns, Rockwell and China Grove - passed resolutions urging the Legislature to pass the victims' rights bill known as Marsy's Law during the upcoming May Legislative session.

“The Town of Rockwell is proud to support Marsy's Law. We encourage all of our citizens to join in this commitment to protect the rights of North Carolina crime victims," said Rockwell Mayor Beauford Taylor.

“Criminals’ rights should never trump a victim's rights, otherwise there is no real justice,” said Stokes County Commissioner Ronda Jones.

Last session, the state House passed House Bill 551, Marsy’s Law, with an overwhelming bipartisan vote. The bill would give victims of crime important rights like notification of the custody of the accused and the right to be heard during a court proceeding like a sentencing or bail hearing. It can be considered by the Senate as early as this May’s legislative session and, if it passes, will be sent to North Carolina voters to decide as early as next November.  

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