One Step Further for Victims’ Rights Bill, NC House Votes Yes

RALEIGH, NC. (August 27, 2019) – Legislation to implement Marsy’s Law, the constitutional amendment to strengthen victims’ rights approved by voters last year, has passed through the N.C. House and is one step closer to becoming law. Lawmakers, advocates, and criminal justice professionals have worked relentlessly to ensure victims receive the rights they so strongly deserve and to ensure that the bill gives guidance to the agencies tasked with enforcing Marsy’s Law. The decision now lies with the Senate on whether to pass the bill before the constitutional amendment goes into effect on August 31.

Marsy’s Law for North Carolina applauds the district attorneys, victims’ rights advocates and lawmakers for collaborating on the bill to ensure that crime victims are able to enforce their constitutionally protected rights.


“We’re excited at the progress of SB 682 and its movement to the Senate, and continue to be appreciative of the willingness to work together in protecting the rights of victims of crime in North Carolina,” said Colon Willoughby, one of North Carolina’s longest-serving prosecutors


“Lawmakers rose to the occasion to affirm the voices, experiences, and rights of crime victims across our state by a vote of 114 to three in order to bring North Carolina’s victims’ rights statutes in line with the Marsy’s Law constitutional amendment,” said Frances Battle, Executive Director for NCVAN.


Marsy’s Law urges the Senate to Concur on SB682 and stand with victims to ensure they have the tools to enforce and protect their constitutional rights.