What is the victims’ rights amendment being voted on in November?

The victims’ rights amendment, known as Marsy’s Law, is a bipartisan victims’ rights initiative that seeks to amend state constitutions like North Carolina that do not currently guarantee enforceable protections to every county in the state.  It will give victims of crimes equal rights in the state Constitution that are already given to the accused and convicted. 

There are already 35 states that have some form of victims’ rights in their constitution, including California, Illinois, North and South Dakota and Ohio which all passed Marsy’s Law in recent years.  North Carolina is one of six additional states it will be voted on in November 2018.  

This victims’ rights amendment will ensure that North Carolinians who suffer - against their will - at the hands of criminals are informed when their assailants are let out of jail and allowed to be a part of the court proceedings if they choose.  Currently, defendants in North Carolina have a greater status in the state’s constitution than crime victims.