Is this a partisan amendment - part of the group of six amendments on the November ballot?

No, the victims’ rights amendment is not a package with the other five amendments on the November ballot.  And it is very different  - having been vetted and debated for more than a year to pass with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote in the General Assembly last June. 

The North Carolina campaign kicked off in the spring of 2017 and was sponsored by Republican and Democratic legislators who worked with the Marsy’s Law team for more than a year to customize North Carolina-specific language with stakeholders from law enforcement and the court system.  More than 150 Democrats and Republicans joined together and voted yes for the victims’ rights amendment - including leadership in both parties.  It also has been endorsed by 60 percent of the state’s sheriffs - representing both parties- the state Democrat and Republican college groups, the NC Victims Assistance Network and more than 50 local communities - towns and counties - have passed resolutions in favor of strengthening victims’ rights in the state Constitution.