Marsy’s Law for NC Releases Series of ads to Help Educate Voters

As campaign season builds during the month of October, the Marsy’s Law for NC campaign has released a series of ads statewide to help educate voters about the important need to guarantee victims’ rights in the state constitution. The ads will continue to run on digital outlets, and television and radio stations throughout the month leading up to the November 6 vote.

The first TV ad began airing in September and highlights that North Carolina’s crime victims are not currently guaranteed notification regarding important developments in their case - including custody status of the accused or convicted. It is featured on the Marsy’s Law for NC website at:

series of digital ads was released the first week of October sharing personal accounts from North Carolinians who have been victims of crime ranging from family members of homicide, victims of random acts of violence at their workplace, and victims of domestic violence, as well as a message from law enforcement about why this law is important.

The personal stories speak directly to the need for stronger and guaranteed rights that the amendment will provide to keep victims and their families informed about the process following a crime, allowing them to speak at court proceedings, and notifying them when the accused is released from custody. Their brave accounts of being victims and how it affected their lives helps put into perspective why North Carolina needs this law.

The Marsy’s Law for NC campaign will continue to push the facts about the victims' rights amendment in the weeks ahead - to educate voters and share first-hand stories from victims about their experience and why stronger and guaranteed constitutional rights are important to all North Carolinians.