Marsy's Law will be on North Carolina's Nov. 6 Ballot!


North Carolina's General Assembly passed Marsy's Law - the constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights to victims of crime during the last week of the legislative session. The amendment needed to pass 3/5 of both chambers of the General Assembly to be placed on the November ballot for voters to decide. Marsy's Law gained significantly more votes than needed in both chambers - with an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 45-1 in the Senate and 107-9 in the House.

North Carolina's legislature made a resounding commitment to victims and their families this session. The amendment will now be sent to voters in November urging them to consider improving the state's rights for victims of crimes that will include things like notification of important hearings involving their cases, allowing victims to speak during proceedings if they choose - and being informed when the accused or convicted have changes in custody - including release from jail.

Legislators included the words 'dignity and respect' in the amendment language to highlight the important status victims and their families deserve in our society.

To-date, more than 50 local town and county governments have issued resolutions in support of Marsy's Law as well as sixty percent of the state's sheriffs. The NC Sheriffs' Association also gave their support to the legislation as it was being considered in the General Assembly.

The Marsy's Law campaign will continue working towards the November election day educating voters about the important need to improve rights for NC victims of crime. The comprehensive bipartisan support among state leaders, local elected officials and law enforcement demonstrates that North Carolinians are uniting for a cause that is meaningful to our entire state. November 6 will be a great day for North Carolina - it's the day to vote YES for victims' rights.