North Carolina Voters Support Constitutional Victims' Rights


The daily barrage of polling data during an intense election cycle can leave voters weary of the process. But along with the daily drum of data and numbers telling us what different groups of people are thinking about every topic imaginable, there is an underlying truth and science to this field. And while 2016 showed that polling is by no stretch an exact science, an issue that is supported by 8 out of 10 polled voters is in overwhelmingly solid territory.

Marsy’s Law for North Carolina, a campaign working to establish co-equal rights for crime victims, which the accused and convicted already have under the state constitution, has that level of support according to a poll of likely voters. These voters were asked if they supported amending the constitution to give victims of crime stronger rights and got an overwhelmingly positive response drawing from both sides of the political spectrum. Not many issues can say they garner significant support from both political parties.

More data shows that almost 90% of North Carolina voters believe that crime victims should be guaranteed notification of a criminal’s’ bail, parole, release or escape. This highlights the attention to public safety and the underlying concern North Carolina voters have without this guarantee in the constitution.

Also approaching 90% is the number of voters who believe that it is imperative to provide for basic dignity and inclusion in the justice system by guaranteeing victims – if they choose – the constitutional right to speak at a bail or sentencing hearing of the accused.

It seems like common sense that victims should be afforded this level of rights in our constitution to promote basic public safety, dignity, and respect for victims. But unfortunately, that is not currently the case. Marsy’s Law for North Carolina is working to ensure victims receive these important, enforceable rights by law and the data supported by this poll shows that North Carolinians overwhelmingly agree.